Seeing Redd – Book Review

Seeing Redd

Author: Frank Beddor

My Rating: 3/5

I found this book a little hard to get into and only read it quickly because I needed to take it back to the library. I think what really turned me off to the book was the fact that I remember loving the first book but read that around 8 years ago, so I really couldn’t remember the characters or main parts of the plot which made staying interested in Seeing Redd quite difficult.


Synopsis: (non-Spoiler)

Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor is the second book in The Looking Glass Wars trilogy. It is a Alice in Wonderland retelling based both in Wonderland and various countries around Earth. We follow the lives of Alyss Heart, Dodge, Hatter, Molly and Redd mostly however, has more characters scattered throughout the novel. The book alternates POV throughout so can be a tad tricky to keep up with. The book takes place from what I gather to be a short period of time after Alyss assumes the Wonderland thrown and white magic is back on top.



Before I get started I love re-tellings of classic stories, especially ones I read when I was a child. So it was great to revisit Wonderland as an adult with more adult themes. I did however have a few problems. Firstly the book was a bit over the place, we switched from POV to POV every chapter and not a lot was accomplished for a book of that size. We focused mainly on Alyss’s perspective and although she was the main character had the least exciting events happen in her chapters. Redd was far more interesting to learn about especially getting to know more about black magic which isn’t seen a lot in other tellings of the story. The romance between Alyssa and Dodge was also kind of awkward to read, they didn’t build a foundation for the two and only reminded you briefly that they were together in very inconvenient times. It felt like the only reason for that relationship to take place was to show how Alyss had too much going on in her carrier to have a social life. This is just my opinion but one thing I love about the Alice in Wonderland world is the amazing creatures you see nowhere else but in this story it’s is very much based on technology rather than the Jabberwocky or talking flowers.

One thing that I really didn’t like was the use of the word imagination. The way it was used throughout the novel made me think I was reading a book directed at a child. This was also similar to how I felt the dialogue was set out especially in Alyss’s chapters. Despite these negatives I did think the storyline was fast paced and exciting. Beddor really made the worlds feel different where as a lot of books just make another world slightly different from Earth. It did make me want to re-read the first novel however my massive TBR does not allow for that to happen…


Characters: Ehh

Rating: 65%

Re-read: Na



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