The 5th Wave By Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave

17415470Where should I start? It was amazing. Hooking you in from the start and then continues to keep you intrigued. The chilling story that is told from the POV’s of 4 children between the ages of 5-18, Cassie, Zombie, Evan and Sam. This YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel is set in modern times where an alien invasion is taking place, I know what you are thinking. Aliens? that sounds weird. I will admit that when I was first told about this book I wasn’t that keen on reading it, but then I read the creepy blurb on the back.

The 1st wave took out half a million people.

The 2nd wave put that number to shame.

The 3rd wave lasted a little longer, twelve weeks…Four billion dead.

In the 4th wave, you can’t trust that people are still people.

And the 5th wave? No one knows. But its coming

I mean doesn’t that draw you in? And the fact that the main characters are around my age just made it that much better. This book got me questioning what I would do in these situations and unfortunately I think I would have died in the first 3 waves, but not everyone can survive. I heard it was being made into a movie when I was around 3/4 of the way through which made me sad as this series will be a trilogy, and we all know that means the last book being split into two parts. It’s a trilogy for a reason. The one down side I found whilst reading this book was that I could see the plot twists coming which wasn’t great.I loved the characters and Cassie is a great female character, especially if you look at her at the end of the book rather than the beginning, the only downside of this character, like most female characters is the love interest. Can we get one YA book where the girl doesn’t get betrayed or heartbroken and lose herself in the process? Overall I gave this a 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and I did go and buy the second book about two hours after I finished this one.


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